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Life in space

Life in space_

When others get embroiled in stormy discussions about commercial flights to space, holidays on Mars or scenarios of living on planet B… that’s when I enter (not dressed in white at all) and with full premeditation I put a stick in an ants’ nest and exclaim: it’s not about if or when we will go into space but about are we going to be comfortable there!

Are the factors contributing to the holistic feeling of security the same in the radically different conditions of the outer space?

Sleep, nutrition, work, rest, intimacy, taking care of one’s health and mobility – this is a set of basic needs which we have to fulfil daily, in order to live and feel content. In my professional life I create solutions which allow to re-create this daily cycle of rituals in space.

Living in isolation

My preoccupation with design for outer space is not only aimed at creating hypothetical scenarios of humans living on another planet in the future. I’m also focused on supporting the sense of security and psychophysical comfort of astronauts today. I specialise in designing spaces for living in isolation (in terms of lighting, social needs and thermal needs). I look for innovations which would positively stimulate senses in demanding and extreme conditions.



In September 2018 I was a commander of an analog space mission in Habitat LunAres which is an isolated station for astronauts reflecting at a scale of 1:1 the International Space Station (ISS)

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