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Didactics and human senses

By working with students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Art Academy in Szczecin, as well as School of Form in Warsaw, I urge them to take a courageous approach towards problems, which are seemingly small today but will soon become pressing. The more cautious and aware we are, when we examine future scenarios, the sooner we realize that the sense of security will become more unattainable – both in the sensory perception of reality and our interactions with objects.

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Global consciousness

As a teenager I began exploring the world of mindfulness and self-awareness. When I was 17 years old, I started practicing Soto Zen Buddhism, which inspired me to create a secular meditation path. My journey is not a story of blissful nirvana, New Age, and detachment from reality. It is a tangible, almost physical experience of facing my own body and mind – both during happiness and extreme despair. Working with people and meditating allowed me to understand common problems with concentration, anxiety, and depression – all of which concern even the biggest adepts of mindfulness.

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Working with taboo topics

Working with taboo topics provided me with a different approach towards product design. It allowed me to understand the meaning of sense of security in a broader context. My projects such as a biodegradable urn for ashes Kami, social campaign Boga Nie Ma, as well as a TC/6 bread form advanced my understanding of human fears in an almost tangible way.

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My first educational degree is in Interior Design. For 12 years of professional work, I completed over 60 individual and commercial projects. I designed kindergartens, clinics, multigenerational houses and studios for single moms. I have always listened to my clients’ needs with curiosity and compassion. My aim was to not only design fashionable interiors but most of all create functional and safe havens.

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