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City of the future

In the city of the future life has its own rhythm.

I invite you for a walk in the city of the future. Together we will see the house of the future, i.e. an example of an educational space constructed being mindful of the environment. We will stop by a hospital where I will be telling you how the interior of a medical centre can help or hinder the patient’s recuperation. Right next to the hospital, there is a school, the design of which supports efficient learning. We will finish our stroll in the commercial quarter, where we will talk about the impending revolution with regard to office spaces

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Wellbeing in living spaces

A space is an experience 

From the human perspective a space is a sensory experience. For the last dozen or so years I have been observing and researching the connection between human wellbeing and interiors; how we experience them and why. There are places which positively influence our wellbeing, our concentration and our relationships with others. And vice versa, there are interiors which increase stress level and tension, and which in turn make us sleepy and irritable.

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Design for sleep

Sit down, take a breath and ask yourself: when was the last time you slept really well? What helped you to do it? Going to the countryside, switching off electronic devices or perhaps a proceeding calming meditation? Perhaps your last opportunity to have a proper rest was such a long time ago that you can’t even remember when it was? What did your body think of it?

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The future of education

The change that we need

Knowledge can change the world. The trick is to make sure that this knowledge is used responsibly and with the purpose of moving the world in the right direction.  Science is a tool which can be used both for creation and for destruction – just like any tool in human hands. It’s humans who decide how to use such a tool.

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Life in space

When others get embroiled in stormy discussions about commercial flights to space, holidays on Mars or scenarios of living on planet B… that’s when I enter (not dressed in white at all) and with full premeditation I put a stick in an ants’ nest and exclaim: it’s not about if or when we will go into space but about are we going to be comfortable there!

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