dr Joanna Jurga

Spatial designer. Researcher. Lecturer.

My main interest and specialism is the relationship between humans and their surrounding spaces and objects. I consult on and teach how to design spaces which improve comfort of living, efficiency and mental wellbeing. I focus on design solutions which improve the feeling of safety of people living in isolation.

I follow and support the idea of neuroarchitecture and synaesthetic design, i.e. design which would take into account and cater for all the sense. I also have an interest in speculative design which has as its focus finding solutions for the future.

I use the knowledge of human biology when looking for architectural solutions which would meet the needs of a human body to function well in a given space. I firmly believe that a well-designed space has to be comfortable and provide appropriate conditions to fulfil its function.

I explore the relationship between humans and their surrounding spaces in radically changing times and external circumstances.