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I write scenarios for the future. Would you like to know your role in the current history?

I prepare reports about future scenarios in subjects chosen by the clients. These could be:

  • Future trends in the field of education, caring for our health and appropriate rest,
  • Houses of the future: where will we live? In what location and in what conditions?
  • Transport of the future (prognosis with respect to the needs and solutions),
  • Social challenges: alienation, isolation, aging society and nomadic culture.

Thanks to the knowledge presented in my reports, my clients have a better understanding of the groups of people which they are managing. They can better plan their future practices and processes with the guidance provided by the analysed trends, needs and challenges. They react to the social changes and social moods much faster.

Ask yourself: will your current business be still viable and profitable in 10, 15 or 50 years? Will your employees and customers stick with you or will they look for alternatives? You will find out fair and square whether your company is a “company of the future”, or whether perhaps the current organizational culture is not aligned with the world’s trends and the products offered don’t meet the expectations of an enlightened client or don’t follow the widespread changes in people’s lifestyles.

Hard data and soft skills

My mission is to spread the knowledge on wellbeing in given spaces and on designing spaces and experiences responsibly. I strive to pass this knowledge onto those who have most power in influencing human behaviour.

My reports are tools to change the soft, niche trends into hard data. Companies and institutions need to understand the value of balancing the professional and private life, of looking after our sleep habits and our personal and group resources.

My completed reports up to date: https://lodzdesign.com/multimedia/dobra-noc-o-projektowaniu-i-roli-snu-w-naszym-zyciu/

A report is the best starting point before planning the next steps – change strategies.


I offer consultations with regard to spatial and product solutions for business clients.

I carry out audits – spatial and product related.

I analyse different aspects of office spaces, public buildings, service units, conceptual studios, advertising studios and exhibition venues with regard to their strong and weak elements from the point of view of neuroarchitecture, sensory design and scenarios for the future.

I design strategies for change and advise on solutions that are user, employee and planet friendly. Thanks to such consultations my clients:

  • Better understand the needs of their employees/users/customers and mechanisms which affect their wellbeing in a given place;
  • Are able to reach and offer their services to such customers who are actually in need of such services and are able to appreciate their quality;
  • Create more friendly working environments and timeless products whilst using solutions which are more economical, ergonomic and ecologically friendly.


Thit is my “flagship presentation”! I invite companies and institutions to a shared adventure during a sensory event. This is an event which I design on your request and which offers a multisensory experience.

Let’s create a product launch or a cultural event, anniversary or conference together – an event which a participant could submerge into with their whole being.

Smell, taste, sound design, items’ texture and the visual aspect of the space will tell a common story which would take the participants to another dimension. We have 5 senses, but abilities? Unlimited.


I’m always happy to share my knowledge during direct meetings with attendees. I take up on a role of an inspirational speaker during business, educational and artistic events. I also offer workshops and webinars during which, together with the attendees, we work in depth on given subjects..

Examples of subjects from the seminars up to date:

  • Designing for sleep – How can we be build the sense of security through designing spaces? How can we monitor and influence the quality of our sleep? What would the most comfortable bedroom in the world look like? Should we believe the bosses who say that 4 hours of sleep should be enough?
  • How to improve the quality of your sleep straight away by creating a routine which would support the daily cycle, by being mindful and by surrounding oneself with the right lighting? How to arrange your bedroom, which would improve rest and regeneration? And how to arrange a room designated for focusing on work?
  • What does your company have in common with the conquest of space? That is, which experiences derived from preparing a mission to the cosmos and astronauts’ training can be used in daily life?
  • Spatial wellbeing – How to create spaces which would cater for all the senses? Why is it worthwhile to separate the space for working from the space for resting? Is it possible to get sick from the badly designed space (and how not to let this happen)?
  • Spaces of the future – Where are we going to live in 100 years? What skills should we develop, to better function in the private and professional field?
  • Is designing for space influencing our everyday spaces? That is, how in everyday life do we use the results of cosmic tests?
  • What to pay attention to before buying your first flat or house, to be able to create your own “sound shelter”?
  • Which skills and branches of knowledge will be important in 10, 15 or 150 years and which of the professions of today will lose their value.
  • A watch monitoring your dream, an anti-depression lamp, acupressure mat or a weighted blanket? Which gadgets for everyday comfort are worth investing in and which ones are a waste of money? Overview of the market.
  • How to build and support ones feeling of safety in an uncertain world? Good practices and tools for everyday life.
  • The story of an analogue astronault. What did my work as a commander for the analogue cosmic mission look like?


I invite representatives of various media to contact me – let’s pass the good news onto the world.

I believe that each person deserves to look after their wellbeing and even small steps in this direction would be substantially beneficial straight away.  I carry out my educational and promotional activities with this in mind (podcast #BEZPIECZNIK, Internet) and I also happily cooperate with the media.

In my opinion, if somebody has something important to say, they can say it in a concize and clear manner.

My experience shows that:

  • Even 5 minutes of presence during a morning TV programme can inspire a viewer to make positive changes…
  • And an interview in a popular magazine or a column in an Internet portal are a great way to reach a wide audience with a useful expert knowledge.