TV Let’s talk about chronotypes_

WHERE: Dzień Dobry TVN
TIME: 05.09.2022
EXPERT: Joanna Jurga

I’m always happy to have an opportunity to discuss in mainstream media the importance of good sleep and what influences it. It is my dream that one day the knowledge about sleep is common, accessible and obvious – as common and obvious as the very need of sleep.

In a short video I have summarised a few key tips which can improve the quality of sleep and regeneration. I encourage you to listen to this conversation to find out about such things as:

  • lion, bear, wolf or dolphin which chronotype are you?
  • how to use modern gadgets (weighted blankets, wake-up lights, sleep monitoring watches) so that they actually help us to sleep and not just function as an aesthetic object?  
  • How to calm your nerves after a day full of challenges?