Lessons in mindfulness_

WHERE: Lodz, Poland + Online
ORGANIZER: Łódź Design Festival
TIME: 17-20.09.2020
METHOD: Online publication

Mindfulness is a fundamental factor deciding about the quality of our life, in its many shades. Mindfulness is the perspective from which I select different aspects in order to participate in the world. It’s also an ability to stop and be here and now – a skill worth practicing.

The notebook of mindfulnes

The notebook of mindfulness comprises of 13 lessons, one for each month of the year plus one extra. Thanks to these lessons you will be able to stop in the helter skelter world and take the much needed deep breath. It’s like an exercise book, a calendar and a solemn invitation to a meeting with yourself.

Practicing mindfulness is available to anyone and in any conditions.

You don’t have to know anything about ZEN Buddhism. We won’t discuss philosophy or the superiority of one school of thought over another. The only thing you need to start is a conscious decision to stop for a moment.

I made sure to convey important information in a pleasant sensory format. The notebook is made out of ecological paper and the cover is natural canvas.  The book was created by hand by a small team of people in a local printing house and book bindery.