Exhibition: GOOD/NIGHT_

WHERE: Łódź Art Centre
CURATORS: Michał Piernikowski, Joanna Jurga / contributor: Julia Bujak
DATE: 12/ as part of the Łódź Design Festival/

What does looking after a good sleep involve?

This is what the exhibition GOOD/NIGHT is about.

This exhibition was presented during the Łódź Design Festival in 2022 and during this event one could see selected projects by the students of the School of Form at the SWPS University. The event was part of the course in Project Design, Materials Science and Design Research. 

The key word for the Łódź Design Festival  in 2022 was RE:GENERATION. The organisers were encouraging young artists to interpret the subject of rebuilding and reconstruction – both in the individual and global sense.

The scenario of this exhibition was taking the viewers through the whole cycle from returning home (from work), through the evening rituals, falling asleep, closeness and intimacy on one’s own or with a partner, up until the deep sleep, waking up and entering a new day. During the work on this project we discussed matters such as: daily rhythm, rituals, finding peace, need for touch, appropriate fit-out of the bedroom and new technologies designed to improve the quality of our sleep.

Karo Domarańczyk on the health impact of good sleep, a meeting with Eli Wierkowska about the subject of Yoga nidra and a talk by Marta Wysocka about architecture which supports health and sleep. 

I invite you to read the collection of texts written by students, designers and specialists that supplemented this exhibition. They are accessible for free through this link. REPORT >