The MATRICE system is a holistic approach towards design. It is based on a multisensory perception of reality, taking into account equal consideration of all human senses. According to my approach, the comfort of use of a given space or object plays the most important role. My aim is to harmonize and balance sensory stimuli in order to calm the overstimulated body and mind of a modern man.

SMELL: Marta Siembab
VISUALS: Zuzanna Kolodziej alias Vizuza
SOUND: Weronika Jakubczak alias VERO YAGÉ
GRAPHIC DESIGN: hugmun.studio
POUFFES: miuki
EXECUTION: cargoplaces

MATRICE_relax is a multisensory experimental space designed to calm the overstimulated body and mind. The users are supposed to take their shoes off, put their personal belongings away and lay on the comfortable pouffe. Further, they choose one of three proposed therapeutic sessions and proceed to the next step, which is experiencing 20 minutes of deep relaxation.

MATRICE_relax container was created in accordance with the synesthetic design, that is one that affects all human senses. The aim was to create a safe space, where users can spend some time with themselves, practice meditation, focus on their breath, and simply let go.

The parameters of the container allow for the biggest possible sensory deprivation. By choosing neutral settings, the users can experience a total lack of sounds and smells. The temperature is kept at 22 degrees Celsius, while the warm lightning imitates a candlelight.

For therapeutic purposes, I have designed three thematic sessions:

Morning session, which stops the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) in the body, serves to concentrate and calm down before the new day begins. During the session we interact with the cool blue light, the scent of soft whiteness and the sound of water. The temperature is set to 20 degrees C. The visuals present abstract patterns inspired by the morning sky and clouds.
Fragrance ingredients for aromatherapy: angelica, ambrette, ylang-ylang.

The most universal relaxation session. Dedicated to all those who have just started their adventure with meditation and wish to be in touch with nature. During the session the light has a warm, yellow-orange color. The air is filled with a cozy scent of wood, whilst the sounds and visuals refer to a walk in the forest.
Fragrance ingredients for aromatherapy: bergamot, petitgrain, galbanum, vetiver.

The evening session takes place by the violet light and is combined with the cosmic visualizations. During the session one can hear humpback whales singing, which is reminiscent of the sounds from outer space. A resinous scent of darkness has been created for aromatherapy. This session is dedicated to imagination, relaxation, and sleep preparation. Designed for the end of the day.

Fragrance ingredients for aromatherapy: leather, myrrh, sandalwood, benzoin resin.