The MATRICE system is a holistic approach towards design. It is based on a multisensory perception of reality, taking into account equal consideration of all human senses. According to my approach, the comfort of use of a given space or object plays the most important role. My aim is to harmonize and balance sensory stimuli in order to calm the overstimulated body and mind of a modern man.

SMELL: Marta Siembab
VISUALS: Zuzanna Kolodziej alias Vizuza
SOUND: Weronika Jakubczak alias VERO YAGÉ
POUFFES: miuki
EXECUTION: cargoplaces

MATRICE_relax is one of my trademark projects, realised with a complete adherence to my professional values.

Experimental multisensory space helps to calm down our overstimulated body and mind.  

All you need to do is to take off your shoes, put away your personal items and lie down comfortably on a soft pouffe. Users activate one of the three offered therapeutic sessions and for 20 minutes they experience deep relaxation.

The parameters of the container allow for significant sensory deprivation. If you choose neutral settings, users experience lack of sound and smell. The temperature is kept at 22 degrees Celsius and warm lighting is imitating candle light. I have also designed three thematical sessions for therapeutic purposes:

  • morning_glory is a morning session which is stopping the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) in the body. It’s useful for better concentration and helps to calm oneself;
  • balance is the most universal session for relaxation. It’s dedicated to all of those who are new to meditation and who miss contact with nature;
  • space_dreamer is a session dedicated your imagination, calming down and getting your body ready for sleep. This session is intended for the end of the day.

All of the relaxation sessions are multisensory experiences which combine visual and sound impulses and varied temperature and aromatherapy.