Interfusion / facing the wall_

WHERE: Plock, Poland + online
ORGANIZER: Pracownia Alternatywnego Obrazowania led by prof. Wlodzimierz Szymanski from the Faculty of New Media Arts at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw.
TIME: 2008-2018
METHOD: Performance captured by digital photographer, Justyna Jaworska – 140 x 200 cm large format print and a plaster cast of hands in a gesture of meditation (1:1 scale).

I have created a performing event during which I practiced meditation in a public space. In the centre of Warsaw, I sat with my legs crossed, straight back and nearly closed eyes, with my hands on my lap forming the Hokkai-join gesture.

“With a mind that resembles wood or rock, 
translating nothing with language, 
with a mind that does not wander anywhere, 
the base of the mind becomes like an [empty] space 
on which the sun of wisdom naturally appears, as if suddenly the clouds have dispersed and the sun has come out.”

Notes of Pai-Chang – Zen master (8th and 9th century AD).

My aim was to create a trace of the transition from chaos to order, from noise to silence, from brightness to darkness and vice versa. Passers-by were stopping and pondering over the situation and by doing so they joined me in the here and now. As part of the documentation of the project we created photos of my practice and a plaster cast of a hand in a meditation gesture at a 1:1 scale. These works were on display in the Mazovian Museum in the city of Płock.

2017 | Plock | POWROTY recurrence | editorship: Wlodzimierz Szymanski, Nadia Issa | wyd. National Museum in Plock | ISBN: 978-83-64676-17-8 | project Facing the wall | p. 28-29
2017 | PL Plock | Mazovian Museum | Powroty | group exhibition