Bedroom of the future_

WHERE: Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
ORGANIZER: infuture hatalska foresight institute under the patronage of IKEA
PARTICIPANTS: 12 First Year Bachelor’s students, specializing in Product design
DATE: 2.03-15.05.2018 (60h)
ORGANIZER: Pracownia Designu Eksperymentalnego led by prof. Slawomir Fijalkowski – tutors: dr hab. Marta Flisykowska and mgr Joanna Jurga

Together with a group of students from the Academy of Fina Arts in Gdańsk (ASP), we designed a Bedroom of the Future. In the creative process we used ethnographic and statistical data on sleep. This data was sourced from infuture hatalska foresight institute. IKEA had the patronage of the project.  

The bedroom of the future is an intelligent space which uses modern technologies for a smooth daily cooperation with a human. Young designers were touching upon the issues of energetics, nomadic lifestyle and decrease in the size of spaces. They didn’t avoid discussing the topics of intimacy and sex

Presented projects were examples of spaces or products themselves. Amongst them were: gravity-free sleeping chamber, a system of sleeping mats and a living mattress.

The results of the workshops, in the form of an exhibition model, were presented during the conference and exhibition IKEA POLSKA in Studio Tęcza (Rainbow Study) in Warsaw and during Gdynia Design Days 2018.

A report summarising the project for the research and design purposes is available to the public for free. HERE >