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Research on sense of security in a given space:

As modern people, we often neglect the importance of human senses in the perception of a given space and objects. By repeatedly ignoring the atavistic need of touch, we have lost the ability to build social relations and maintain good mental health. My aim is to create design solutions, which take into account the best possible user comfort. By harmonizing all sensory stimuli, with which we perceive the surrounding world, we can improve our sense of security, both on Earth and in outer space.

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The impact of sleep on daily life and health

Whilst working on the comfort of living on Earth and in outer space, I am constantly faced with the social problem of lack of sleep hygiene. High-quality sleep is directly correlated with our wellbeing, effectiveness and social relations. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, has grave consequences for our health. Following the baby steps approach, I am striving to prove that everyone can improve their sleep quality. By organizing workshops and webinars at Instytut Kontekstow Pracy, I shared knowledge on the subject of healthy habits and conscious design of interiors dedicated to relax.

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The MATRICE system is a holistic approach towards design. It is based on a multisensory perception of reality, taking into account equal consideration of all human senses. According to my approach, the comfort of use of a given space or object plays the most important role. My aim is to harmonize and balance sensory stimuli in order to calm the overstimulated body and mind of a modern man.

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Isolation Institute

The institute specializes in research on living in isolation, using the examples of extreme locations such as polar stations, drilling rigs, and space habitats. By examining spaces that are far removed from the everyday comfort zone, we gather useful knowledge on how to design interiors that can provide a sense of security under extreme conditions. We focus on three research groups assigned to specific locations (The Dreamers at Lunares Habitat, The Loners at Polish Polar Station Hornsund, and The Moneymakers at the South Arne Oil and Gas Field), as well as the fourth control group. We create strategies and space projects, which improve the quality of life and user productivity

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