The impact of sleep on daily life and health_

Whilst working on the comfort of living on Earth and in outer space, I am constantly faced with the social problem of lack of sleep hygiene. High-quality sleep is directly correlated with our wellbeing, effectiveness and social relations. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, has grave consequences for our health. Following the baby steps approach, I am striving to prove that everyone can improve their sleep quality. By organizing workshops and webinars at Instytut Kontekstow Pracy, I shared knowledge on the subject of healthy habits and conscious design of interiors dedicated to relax.

TITLE: “Radykalny sen: lepsze zycie, lepszy biznes” report
ORGANIZER: Instytut Kontekstow Pracy
COOPERATION: Dawid Zarazinski, Piotr Szymczak
DATE: 2019/2020

The subject of sleep hygiene is currently of great importance to the modern man. There is no other area that affects our lives to such extent, both personally and professionally.

The report that we have created consists of 73 pages divided into 5 chapters: Introduction to sleep, Healthy habits, Good bedroom, Conscious employee and Healthy workplace.

As part of our cooperation, I have written 6 articles published in the report, as well as created tools used to examine the quality of sleep (“Sleep journal”). Together with Dawid Zarazinski, I have co-hosted a workshop and webinars dedicated to improving the quality of sleep.