The Home of Tomorrow_

UNIVERSITY:  The Szczecin Art Academy
PARTICIPANTS: 30 students of year I-III  specialism Architectural Design and Product Design 
DATES: 20-22.02 i 05-07.03.2020 (40h)
MODERATOR: Joanna Jurga
LOCATION: Szczecin, ul. Monte Cassino 5
AIM: Conceptual and educational spaces
TIME: From 2020

In 2020 I was a co-creator of the project The Home of Tomorrow. This project was IKEA’s initiative to create living spaces designed with regard to and functioning in complete harmony with the natural world. Nature in this project becomes a self-sufficient environment that we surround ourselves with.

One of the stages of the House of Tomorrow was a series of workshops in which I taught students of the Szczecin Art Academy. During the workshops in synesthetic design, we were establishing how our bodies function in domestic spaces currently and how they could function in the near future. We studied different scenarios, focusing on issues such as: body regeneration, growing plants, segregation and recycling of waste, aromatherapy and home self-care, a multi-sensory piece of furniture and fashion, including the problems connected with ”fast fashion”.

The IKEA Home of Tomorrow is a place where you can learn how to live in harmony with nature which functions as a self-sufficient environment in our home. It’s a multifunctional space designed for comfortable living and working in – which is extremely important in this age of increasing social isolation. In the Home of Tomorrow you can learn new uses for indoor plants, secrets of zero-waste kitchen and efficient ways of recycling waste. It’s an opportunity to engage in bringing a real positive change to your city.

leading designer: Justyna Puchalska
Assisting designer: Joanna Jurga
Plants: Paulina Grabowska

IKEA: Gustaw Jakubowski
MUST BE LOUD: Marta Samsonov, Katarzyna Grzeszczak, Mateusz Książek, Ewelina Sośniak