Research on sense of security in a given space


As modern people, we often neglect the importance of human senses in the perception of a given space and objects. By repeatedly ignoring the atavistic need of touch, we have lost the ability to build social relations and maintain good mental health. My aim is to create design solutions, which take into account the best possible user comfort. By harmonizing all sensory stimuli, with which we perceive the surrounding world, we can improve our sense of security, both on Earth and in outer space.

USER GUIDE 04/12/2018 — I worked on creating isolation guidelines for two departments of the European Space Agency (ESA) — European Astronauts Centre (EAC) and European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC).

ESTEC 12/10/2018 — I gave a lecture and co-hosted workshops in ESTEC on the subject of living in space habitats and their design.

LUNARES HABITAT, UN/SAFE EXPERIMENT — during the 9. L.E.A.R.N. mission, which was a simulation of living on the Moon, I conducted a four-part experiment UN/SAFE concerning building the sense of security in isolation, using yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, aromatherapy and proper lighting. I conducted a design audit of the habitat in order to adjust it to the user needs, as well as provide the highest possible comfort of living.

SKINSSU — SKIN (eng. skin) + TISSU (fr. tissue, fabric). As part of the SKINSSU project, I conducted research to find a fabric that would be given sensual features of a human skin (warmth, softness, proper temperature, response to pressure). The idea derived from the primal need for intimacy.

FLORA COSMONAUTICA — the project tackled the issues of humidity and air quality in outer space, its common sterilization and unification, as well as human longing for nature. The project consisted of a humidifier, which outside its basic function also emitted a therapeutic light and distributed two aromatherapeutic smells. These were directly connected to the human longing for nature during space travel, as well as longing for space during our stay on Earth.