Office of the future_

WHERE: Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
ORGANIZER: infuture hatalska foresight institute under the patronage of SKANSKA
PARTICIPANTS: 23 First and Second Year Master’s students, specializing in Product Design
DATE: 10.10.2018-30.01.2019 (70h)
LEADER: Pracownia Projektowania Produktu Przemyslowego led by prof. Marek Adamczewski and dr hab. Bogumila Jozwicka, professor at the Fine Arts Academy – tutors: mgr Magdalena Nowak and mgr Joanna Jurga

What could the interiors of offices look like in the future? I was examining this question together with SKANSKA brand and 23 students of the Gdansk Art Academy. We were working on modern interiors for offices, taking into account: design, technologies and functionality of the space – especially in the context of their use by tenants and visitors. The aim of this workshop was to examine how the use of offices will change in the next 10, 20 and 50 years. The results of our team work were presented to the public in the form of an exhibition, including one during the Łódź Design Festival.