Nie iGRAj z zyciem


WHERE: Warsaw
ORGANIZER: The deck of cards project was created in response to the competition organized by GRA Totalizator Sportowy as part of the Ksawery Piwocki studio in 2014 at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. The final project was implemented for production by Mortis Design.
TIME: 2014
METHOD: 60 x 113 mm (same as tarot cards), printed in white toner on black paper in 280 gr mass, rounded corners, cardboard box, reusable educational/recreational product

The Nie iGRAj z zyciem deck consists of 48 cards that stimulate conversations about life and death. The project aimed at creating cards based on a traditional deck, in which symbols and characters serve as a starting point for conversation about social problems. The cards can be used during workshops with teenagers, in psychotherapy or as part of the classic card games. All the drawings are handmade and refer to the noir style. Four basic colors symbolize particular problems or issues. Club stands for a bottle/alcoholic beverage, diamond for money/gambling, heart for eating disorders/bread roll, and spade for drugs (medications)/syringe.

2015 | PL YOUNG Polish Designer | honorary award