LET’S HACK THE FUTURE / House of Tomorrow in Szczecin


WHERE: Art Academy in Szczecin
ORGANIZER: Must be Loud for IKEA
PARTICIPANTS: 30 First to Third Year Bachelor’s students, specializing in Interior Design and Industrial Design
DATE: 20-22.02 and 05-07.03.2020 (40h)
TUTOR: Joanna Jurga

The aim of the project “Let’s hack the future – workshop for designers with IKEA” was to design responsible solutions for House of Tomorrow, using the gathered knowledge from synesthetic design and possible future scenarios.

During the workshops, we were examining how the human body functions at home and what are the possible changes in the near future. We took into account various future scenarios, which focused on topics such as: recovery, plant cultivation, waste segregation and recycling, aromatherapy and body care, multisensory exposition furniture, as well as the problem of fast fashion.

The final effect can be reviewed at the IKEA’s House of Tomorrow at 5 Monte Cassino Street in Szczecin.