Funeral design


WHERE: Poland
ORGANIZER: NURN.design for death, Art Academy in Szczecin, School of Form in Warsaw, Omega magazine
TIME: 2015-2020
METHOD: Various – paper, concrete, wooden and ceramic urns for ashes, as well as educational classes and industry seminars

Together with Martyna Ochojska and Rafal Sadowski, we have created the NURN brand, which specialized at premium urn design and production. Our products were manufactured locally with the assistance of experienced craftsmen. We focused on searching for new materials and alternative design solutions. Our projects include entirely biodegradable urn Kami with a new form of sea burial ceremony, ceramic urn Mika, concrete urn Thos and veneered urns Sylva.

I was in charge of Pracownia Projektowania Opakowan at the Faculty of Painting and New Media at the Art Academy in Szczecin. Third year Bachelor’s Industrial Design students, specializing in Visual Communication, were given a task to design an urn for ashes (“packaging for death”).

Whilst working with young designers, I paid special attention to teaching them how to familiarize the topic of death within the society, as well as implement proper design solutions. As part of our classes, there were four experimental projects.

Currently, I am teaching at the School of Form of SWPS University in Warsaw at the Faculty of Industrial Design. I work with Fourth Year Bachelor’s students on the project of urns for animal ashes that could be stored at home. My aim is to reach a point, where the society is accustomed to the subject of animal death, as well as implement a design project in cooperation with Estima Group company.

From 2016 till 2018 I was publishing a series of articles for the Omega magazine on the topics of branding, burial history and traditions, as well as forecasting future trends in the funeral industry.

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