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dr Joanna:Jurga – about me

dr Joanna Jurga ‒ product and interior designer, innovator and university lecturer. Specialist in sense of security design. Keen on discussing issues relating to the area of speculative and synesthetic design. Analogue astronaut and a two-time commander of space missions at Lunares Habitat. Meditation teacher and outer space enthusiast. Conducted research in cooperation with infuture hatalska foresight institute and Instytut Kontekstow Pracy. Her works have been honored at exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Participated in numerous design festivals (Lodz Design Festival, Gdynia Design Days, Dutch Design Week). Finalist of competitions such as: MakeMe, Young Polish Designer, Innovation Ad and Jutronauci.




For the past several years I have been designing interiors and products, which aim at improving the quality of our everyday lives – from a container for overstimulated body and mind, up to bread form. I specialize in building a sense of security in a given space. I examine the standard of living in isolation, both on Earth and in outer space. Furthermore, I pay special attention to the functioning and harmonization of human senses.


I coordinate the Industrial Design specialization and teach the “Materials” module at the Faculty of Industrial Design at School of Form (SWPS University in Warsaw). I taught classes at the Art Academy in Szczecin, as well as the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. My aim is to educate on empathy, awareness, and responsibility in design. I encourage my students to examine the influence of materials on human senses, as well as the environment. I teach how to respond to the actual user needs, whilst at the same time respect our planet’s resources.


I consult, review and test design solutions concerning the sense of security in a given space. I advise individual clients and companies on purchasing, selling and arranging interiors. I focus on the comfort of use, as well as harmonization of all human senses.


I conduct research on the influence of sensory stimuli on sense of security in a given space. I concentrate on the standard of living and sleep quality in isolation, both in extreme conditions such as space habitats or polar stations, as well as in everyday urban life.

public speaking

I talk about the challenges of the future and the possibility of living in space from a designer perspective. I am a frequent speaker on the subjects of design, neuroarchitecture and sense of security. I share knowledge on conscious design and scenarios of the future as a guest speaker in podcasts and in my own “Bezpiecznik” show. I am represented by the Powerspeech agency.